5 Healthy Holiday Snacking Tips

‘Tis the season for holiday parties and the renouncing of diet plans for delightful sweets, comfort foods and the tempting smorgasbord of unhealthy appetizer options. While the last two months of the year are filled with overindulgences, don’t let this distract you from maintaining a balanced diet. You can survive the holidays and come into the New Year with one less resolution!

In order to keep your cravings at bay without completely avoiding this season’s treats, here are five tips to help keep your holiday snacking in line:

  • Be the last in line to grab a plateful of food. Food typically loses its luster once half the dish is gone. It may even be polished off by the time you get to it, which will leave room for healthier alternatives. Remember: your eyes really are bigger than your stomach.
  • Reduce your alcohol intake. Alcoholic beverages are packed with sugars and calories tend to add up quickly. If you plan on drinking, mix in an 8 oz. cup of water between beverages.
  • Wear an outfit you’ve worked hard to get into. Knowing you look great and feeling comfortable in that outfit may make you more conscious of your snacking decisions.
  • Only limit yourself to one trip to the snack table, and try to separate food from spilling over onto each other. This tactic will help you contain portion sizes and not be tempted for seconds.
  • Make a conscious effort to balance your plate with fruits and vegetables. The more colorful your plate is, the fewer calories you’ll consume.