3 Ways to Stay Hydrated This Summer 



With warm weather finally here and more activities done in the sun, it’s crucial you drink the right amount of H2O. Staying hydrated is an important way to maintain a healthy heart and help your muscles work efficiently. And it’s not just athletes who need to stay hydrated –
even sitting in the sun on a humid day can cause your body to lose fluids.

Here are three simple ways to stay hydrated all summer long:

  1. Think outside of the water bottle: Yogurt, soup, fruits and vegetables can all help contribute to keeping you hydrated. Try snacking on watermelon, cucumbers or celery for a replenishing, healthy nosh.
  2. Add natural flavor: If you’re not a fan of plain water, try throwing your favorite sliced fruits or veggies in to give it an extra burst of flavor. We recommend throwing lemons, raspberries, mint or cinnamon sticks into a glass of ice-cold water…ahh!
  3. Hydrate sufficiently: Before exercising, it’s recommended you drink 20 ounces of water two hours prior to your workout, and at least 10 ounces during your workout.


For a post-exercise drink, swap out water or a sports drink for a beverage that contains protein to help your muscles recover faster. Find a protein-packed smoothie in this delicious Egg White Smoothie Recipes collection.

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