Spring Into Action

There’s no better time than now – really, right now – to kick your fitness up a notch. To help you do this, we’ve compiled a few tips that will get you moving.

Set realistic goals: And hold yourself to them. If going to the gym or exercising five days a week isn’t you, chances are it may stress you out and put you off course. Instead, set goals that you can meet and feel proud of accomplishing.


Join a supportive circle: There are plenty of ways share your fitness goals and meet others who are looking to do the same. Explore different apps, forums or even your local gym’s resources to get tips, feedback and help cheer others on.


No gym pass required: You don’t need to have a gym membership to get (or stay) in shape. Have a jump rope, set of weights or a medicine ball? Turn your living room, backyard or neighborhood into your gym. Add other outdoor cardio exercises like lunges, jumping jacks and sprints to your routine and you’ve got a calorie-burning circuit.


Fridge fitness: Nourishing your body with foods that are high in fiber, minerals and other essential nutrients is key to boosting your health and making you feel good.


Sign up for a race: With summer just around the corner, there are plenty of events happening in your area. Explore the options out there: check out a 3k if you’re into walking or running or sign up for a cycling event.


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