Fall Into Fitness

Now that summer is behind us, it’s time to consider how to adjust your exercise routine to the cooler temps ahead. Getting into a groove sooner than later will help you plan accordingly as we start to lose sunlight and warm days. 

We’ve devised a list to help you transition with ease into a routine that you’ll stick to and, perhaps, lead you to try new things.

  • Burn calories and get the blood flowing by raking leaves or other yard work. A great workout doesn’t always mean going for a long run or a trip to the gym.
  • November is the ideal time to exercise outside. The fall foliage will keep you engaged and entertained all the way through your exercise.
  • Prepare for less daylight. Get your workout in before the sun sets or practice a buddy system and grab a family member or neighbor to exercise with. Always practice safety, especially at night.
  • Many classes at gyms and community centers start up again in fall. Seize the day and try new things.